Graduate Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the scheme?

There is an initial 12 month period, structured for you to gain experience in various departments of the company.

Will I spend time in every department?

You will not spend time in every department of Unicom as the programme is focussed on developing you for a management position.

My degree was not in management, can I still apply?

Unicom are very interested in having a diverse and varied workforce. If you have (or are expecting to receive) a 2:1 degree in any subject, then we will be interested in hearing from you. Previous members of the GMP scheme have studied: Accountancy & Finance; History & Philosophy; English; and Geology.

What support is there on the scheme?

The previous graduate intakes are available for help and guidance if needed. Unicom prides itself on developing great working relationships between employees. Supervisors, Managers, and even Directors of the company are always available to answer any questions and to offer assistance.


What will I be paid?

Unicom believe in rewarding commitment and success. As well as a competitive wage you will be included in the company Personal Incentive Bonus Scheme, a performance related bonus paid every 3 months.

In addition to your salary and the PIBS, we also regularly run seasonal incentive schemes which act as a competition between randomly picked teams. Previous prizes have included Plasma TV’s, holidays, and cash rewards.

Where will I be based?

Whilst Unicom has many sales offices around the UK, the graduate programme is based solely at our Manchester based head office.

Will there be lots of extra work?

Throughout the scheme you will be asked to create reports and presentations based on your current placement. This is done to examine your time management skills, examine your understanding of the department you are in, and give you the chance to air your views and suggestions about how to improve the company.
You will also work as part of a team on a group project. You will either work with, or be pitted against, other members (past or present) of the graduate programme on projects ranging from redesigning the company intranet, to proposing a marketing strategy for a new product.