Unicom are Powering Businesses Like Yours!

Unicom understand agricultural businesses require a reliable and cost-effective energy supplier.  Hundreds of businesses (just like yours) are making the switch. Swayed by great prices and fantastic savings, Unicom is rapidly becoming the energy provider of choice for agricultural businesses. With energy prices continuing to rise, Unicom are giving you the chance to FIX your energy prices at today’s rate.

     Why are so many businesses making the switch?


  • Unicom allows businesses to FIX their Gas and Electricity costs at today’s rate, avoiding rising energy prices for 3 years.


  • Regardless of a contract businesses can still FIX their energy costs at today’s prices in anticipation of a switch.


  • Ultimately Unicom allows businesses to gain control of their costs and plan for the future by avoiding  fluctuating energy prices.



       Fix your energy prices at today's rate!   



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