Monday, 16th September 2013 - Unicom celebrates the 7th year of its Graduate Management Programme

Unicom have celebrated another successful year of its Graduate Management Programme as four graduates complete the scheme and undertake their permanent job roles.

 Unicom’s Graduate Management Programme was launched January 2007 and has been invaluable to the company, with many graduates going on to become key decision makers in the business. During the 12 month program the graduates experience a variety of roles within each of the key departments of the leading small business telecoms and energy provider, giving them the opportunity to gain new skills and obtain a comprehensive understanding of how the company operates.

The graduates are also given business assignments throughout the year, varying from writing reports on departments to delivering training sessions and developing business plans for new products. As well as the experience gained in each of Unicom’s key departments, the projects are designed to develop the graduates core skills and abilities, so that at the end of the scheme they can be placed into tailored job roles.

Having successfully completed the year Unicom’s 2012 graduates, Feya Wenham-Bullock, Holly Taylor, Laurel Agnew and Oluwarotimi Adunola have all been placed into permanent positions within the company including those in Project Development, Provisioning, Marketing and Correspondence.

Reflecting on the scheme Oluwarotimi said:

“It’s been a challenging learning curve in which I got to experience a variety of roles and understand the different aspects of a business. I enjoyed the wide range of projects that I was involved in, and it is good to see that some of these projects have been taken on by the business and are being implemented.”

Laurel Agnew also commented on the scheme saying:

“I have spent the past 12 month’s experiencing every aspect of a contact centre environment and the corporate level decision making process that affects day to day business function. In this time I have discovered strengths I did not know I had, such as my business acumen. I feel I am now an experienced employee with vision and the skills to take on any challenge within the business world.”

The 2012 Graduate Managers will now join the growing number of Unicom’s graduate employees who have continued employment within the company since finishing the scheme. Some of its most longstanding Graduate Mangers include Aurelia Bowerbank and Gareth Davison who both joined the scheme in 2007 and now work as Recruitment Manager and Senior Data Analyst, Jacques Guerineau who started the scheme in 2008 and now works as a Sales Support Manager and James Hardman who also began the scheme in 2008 and now works as an Operations Developer.

The Unicom Graduate Management Scheme for 2013 kicked off on 2nd September 2013 with six fresh faced graduates commencing their initial training.

If you are interested in applying for the next Unicom Graduate Management Programme click here for more information.